Capricorn november 29 birthday horoscope 2019

Your love for art and beauty often makes you go into a writing or journalism career. You are also going to be a researcher due to your love for knowledge. It is crucial to care for yourself and to consider your health as an essence of your success. Your personality shows that you are going to have weaker health as a result of your emotional weakness. In addition to this, you seem to be prone to a lot of health issues which include a backache and headache.

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Moreover, you tend to be prone to diabetes and dental issues due to your high rate of sugar intake. You need to visit the hospital especially the dentistry for a dental check-up. Your personality shows that you are going to be an individual with an element of fire as a result of your birthday which falls during the period of Sagittarius.

Your element is the reason for your passion and burning desire to do things.

November 29 birthday meanings show that you are going to be one of the most intelligent fellows who often goes after things that would make you successful in life. Instead, you are always ready to consume any form of challenge that you are faced with. Moreover, you are going to be one of the most effective public speakers as well as an adaptable person.

You need to embrace the positive traits of your personality. As an individual that is born on this day, you are going to be ruled by the Moon. You are also going to be ruled by Jupiter as a result of your birthday which falls during the first decan of this period as well as your zodiac symbol. In addition to this, you will always seek the truth and what would make you successful in life. On the other hand, your numerology is ruled by the Moon.

It is the case that the moon is the reason for your intuition and your sensitivity. You are also going to be an intelligent and highly capable person as a result of your planet. You will be one of the most intelligent and understanding fellows on earth due to your symbolic metal, tin. It is the case that tin is the metal of scholars and intelligent fellows.

In addition to this, your birthstone, Turquoise is the reason for your positivity and communication.

November 29 Birthday Horoscope

Your lucky numbers are 5 , 9 , 15 , 19 , and You are going to be an elegant and confident fellow. Also, you will be very ambitious as a result of your lucky color, purple. Moreso, you will be one of the truthful persons. Also, an individual that runs after honesty due to your lucky flower, Narcissus.

You will be an intelligent and understanding fellow who is caring and proactive. This is because you love cooking and experimenting different types of food. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Username or Email Address. To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.

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  4. Search Search for: Search. Astrology Blog. What do you think? Comments Our site Facebook. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Loading… 0. Comments 0 comments. You will be best close to home. Face the facts: Home is where your heart is anyway. Invite family and friends over for a fun get-together. Make a special, well-liked meal and all falls into place. Tonight: Relax with those around you. This Week: Your imagination takes you far. Be more sensitive to the possibilities around you. Open up a conversation that needs to happen. Others might be avoiding the topic.


    As soon as this talk is done, all is better. You will be surprised by the strength of another person's feelings. Take a midday snooze if you want. Tonight: Think Monday. This Week: Stay centred and you will clear hassles far more easily. Wednesday, you become playful. Open up to new possibilities, but be aware of how much you need to spend to get to a position of security and well-being. Don't blow your budget, but rather, honour it. Tonight: Let it all hang out. This Week: Speak your mind and others will listen.

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    They know when you are authentic. Do not push someone away; rather, stay centred and focused. You could discover that someone you care about is out of whack. Ask a pertinent question or two without making the other party feel insecure. Tonight: Meeting a dear friend for dinner. This Week: If possible, do not be excessive through Wednesday. Explore options Thursday on.

    Be aware of subtle currents running behind the scenes. You could be challenged by events and not sure of yourself. If that's the case, do little and assume a holding position. Tonight: Taking some much-needed personal time. This Week: Use that Scorpio magnetism and you'll achieve what you want. Indulge a little. Where your friends are is where you want to be. You could weave an interesting path to get there, as you want to visit an older person first.

    Curb any extravagant spending. Tonight: Let the good times roll. This Week: You might be slow to move or act until Wednesday. Then, watch your energy soar. You might not be comfortable with all the attention you are getting. Others look to you for advice and feedback, and today is no exception.

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    If you're out for an early dinner or a late brunch, you might feel that you are playing the role of the sage! Tonight: A must appearance. This Week: Zero in on what you want by Wednesday. You might question its value by Thursday or Friday! Keep reaching out to someone at a distance.

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    You not only love speaking to this person, you gain strong insights from your talks too. You could reveal a secret without intending to. Tonight: Go for exotic cuisine. This Week: Resist an innate stubbornness that overcomes you when you are displeased. Better times start Wednesday. One-on-one relating takes you down a new path. If you're not comfortable with this new closeness, you might want to politely distance yourself. A friend could be cantankerous at best.

    Steer clear if necessary.