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Mars in 2nd House 2nd house signifies wealth, and relationship with relatives. Mars aspects 5th, 8th, and 9th houses when positioned in 2nd house, which casts negative effect on children of the Manglik. Mars in 4th House Mars when posited in 4th House aspects 7th, 10th, and 11th houses, affecting the ease of life.

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Mars in 7th House 7th House is the house of life partner and marital life. Mars placement in this house causes serious harm to the marital union including separation, weak reproductive system, sexual diseases, and even death. From 7th House, Mars aspects the houses of profession, the ascendant and immediate family, thus affecting close relationships, health of the couple, and accumulated wealth. Mars in 8th House. Mars when placed in this house negates the positive aspects of this house and swallows happiness. It causes mental stress, health issues, low income etc.

If Mars is placed in 8th house in the natal chart of a woman, it is referred to as Mangalya Sthan. This adversely affects the longevity of the spouse. The October editorial raises the question whether the Ascendant lord can also to be considered a benefic, even if he be a natural malefic. If the Ascendant lord, whether a benefic or a malefic if not afflicted or ill-placed, particularly with respect to the 7th house is not to be taken to as a benefic, then I think the entire astrological literature has to be re-written as several Yogas and Raja Yogas are based on the so called malefics as Ascendant lord.

Even in the case of benefics, Venus as Ascendant lord will be the lord of the 6th or the 8th house as well. Jupiter and Mercury when Ascendant lord are lords of benefic houses, but these also have been acknowledged as turning functional malefics due to Kendradhipati Dosha particularly when placed in Kendras and are not given much weightage as lords of Trika houses.

That may explain Kuja Dosha being effective despite Mars being aspected by a benefic in some charts.

Kuja Dosha and its effects - yqihaqubaw.ga

Therefore, it is not rational to consider all such combinations rendered as ineffective in case the so called Kuja Dosha is present in a chart. There seems hardly any justification in labeling Kuja Dosha as an infallible signal for explosion in the marital domain. Nakshatra is rendered worse by the aspect of Ketu. The 6th lord, a separatist Jupiter, in the 4th house of domestic peace made worse by the aspect of Saturn as well as by Rahu which is more than enough to cause damage on the domestic front.

Even from Chandra Lagna, the 7th house is trapped between malefics. Thus discord was inevitable even if Kuja Dosha were not present. September 27, September 27, September 16, September 13, September 13, I am willing to marry but for my fate all matches are missing without any reason. And even I have some health n financial problems. Will you please advise me when could be possible time for my marriage.

Will it affect my spouse I am in love with a boy his dob is 18 oct ,time am ,place patiala and mine dob is 4 jan ,time am, place chandigarh, i want to know is there any future of us as a couple if we will get marry in future or not? My 6sons date of birth is 28 June kindl see whether he has kuja dosha as I looking for a girl to him what should be the criteria in selection for his good feature. Hi Madam, First of all I want to appreciate your Effort. I am looking for Groom for my Daughter. Some are saying she dont have kuja dosha.

Some are saying she want to marry another caste man. I am just confused. I dont know wat to do. Pls kindly analysis and tell me if she have any dosha and what is the remedy for that. How her Marriage life will be. It would be great help for me. Thanks ,. My first marriage resulted in divorce. I want to know if that's because of Kuja dosha?

When I look for 2nd marriage, should I still look for girl who hasvkuja dosha only? Do I have kuja dosha? Please, let me know.. I m loving a guy My parents are against our marriage.. Some how we r trying But nowthey are telling jatakam not at all good for boy He is having kuja dosham and all. I m really utmost worried Iam notknowingo any thing what to do.. I don't have any idea on astrology peole Please help me I wil b really really thankful I wanna marry this guy please find details Satya kiran madivada, dob: sep,place of birth : avanigadda, time: aprix 6 am Venkata harika kaki, dob: ,birtg place :chirala time: approx I am a girl with mild kuja dosha and my love is not having any kuja dosha If we marry what are the problems we will face in future Satya kiran madivada, dob: sep,place of birth : avanigadda, time: aprix 6 am Venkata harika kaki, dob: ,birtg place :chirala time: approx Time is 2.

Please let me know whether am having mangal dosha or not. And please suggest me how to overcome from this if I have mangal dosha.

Kuja Dosha and it's Effects

Mam I was born on at pm in Rajahmundry.. Do I hav kuja dosham? For any kind of Kuja Dosha, please visit Lord Vaitheeswaran temple at Kumbakonam south india , and worship Lord Muruga presiding deity of Kuja and offer your prayers for both by lighting a ghee lamp, offering Archana for both would overcome from kuja dosha. Hi, I have kuda disha Mars placed in 8th house, I am love with Durga but in his birth chart Mars is placed in 11th house. Is there any problems with my marriage pls suggest.

Please tell me is this 2 horoscopes match for marriage. Hi madam, i loved a boy he is having kuja dosha , parents are against kuja dosha , bt i cant live without her, some of them are telling it may lead to my death, can u plz suggest me remedies nd pariharalu to unaffect me Alrdy she is doing fasting for one year on tuesdays Name: sireesha DOB : Time : 1. For any kind of Kuja Dosha, please visit Lord Vaitheeswaran temple near Kumbakonam and Myladuthurai south india , worship Lord Muruga presiding deity of Kuja and offer your prayers for both by lighting a ghee lamp, offering Archana for both would overcome from kuja dosha.

And also tell remedies for those dosham. Hi, I m suppose to get married with a Christian guy in 15 days n he doesn't believe in Kuja Dosha and all ,but m manglik can you plz suggest how many days before marriage I can perform this puja and is that true as per my horoscope my spouse will die within a year. As till date every one said if only I marry after the age of 28 this won't happen so I never thought of all this but now m worried.

My husband is not having khuja dosha but I am having khuja dosha. Im Ravi Nayak.. Whether I have kuja dosha or not and plz guide me.

Namaste Vandana, Thank you for contacting Astroved. Astroved member Support. Hi, my name is Latha. My name is mahesh. Both seems to have dosha. My partner's Rashi is Katakam. Kuja is placed in her 11th square. Can you advice about this position? Vishwanatha, DOB: Hi, I m mallika date of birth is early morning am plz let me know I m having kuja dosha??? Or not.. Hi, I m mallika date of birth is early morning am. Plz let me know I m having kuja dosha??? My details are Namaste, What is the purpose you need the prayers,any current issues do you have. Hai,mam Name:umamaheswari Dob Place of birth :palakkad, kerala Time If birth on Tuesday kuja dosam will not effected Hi Im srinivasa rao my dob.

If yes.. Plz tell me what i to do??? Hi I am supposed to married with Sundresh his not having kuja dosa but i having kuja dosa plz sujjest remide. My name kanaka dob is 11 December and his name Sundresh his dob is 18 august Hi, I am going to marry a guy with kujadosha in 7th house. I didnot have kuja dosha.. B Timepm Manuguru. Whether I have khuja dosha are not please, guide me. Hi my DOB I did many poojas for kuja dosham from past 1 year still I didn't get married :. Due to all tensions I resigned my job also.

Now I am jobless.

A Rare Astrology Talk on Mars (Kuja) (for Astrologers)

All the guys are prefering working women only.. I didn't get job again. Please suggest me please please please. Namskaram I'm K. Sir,I born on 28 Feb at 8am. I don't have khuja dosha but my lover boy has khuja dosha we want to marry after 5yrs both of us are makara rasi can we marry and we can't live without each other. Hi Im Priya iyer from Bangalore.. I recently found tat I'm having chevvai dosham kuja can I go to ghati subramanya temple to do d pariharam?? Or can u suggest me which temple wld b d best to clear this?? Still i am not married please let me know any remedies to get marry ASAp.

My date of birth Nd my bride grooms date of birth Pls tell me if we have any prblm what can we fallow redimeis My name s kusuma.

Can u say my marriage life n marriage life. Please find the link to talk to one of our senior Astrologer online for your current issues, they will analyze your birth chart and provide remedies as a solution to overcome for your problems. Hi, I was born in July 5, at Do I have kuja dosha.

If so in which house. Because of kuja dosha my parents are scared about death of mine. But we dont want to breakup. Could you please suggest us any remedies asap. My DoB June 25th and time eve Saturday. And place is inkollu. Can I know whether I have kuja dosh.

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Mam I have kuja hdosha BT we want to marry Tell me mam Namaste, We would suggest you have a consultation with our astrologer. Please Suggest!!!!! We both want to get married. But I have kuja dosham in my birth chart. Can I marry him, what remedies I need to perform in order to marry this person, please help me out with this problem. I don't want anything happen to my partner.

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Bcoz I heard if a maglik marries non manglik it will cause health problem to non manglik person, is it true..? Namaste, Greetings from AstroVed. Thanks, Team AstroVed. Ur details n website was very beneficial Pls suggest me I am in love with a person.. But when i met a sage, he told me that i had khuja dosham So i wont get married at all And if i violate this and Marry then my partner will face the consequences so what should i do now How will i know if i really had this dosha or not.?

My name is sai vaishnavi D.

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My I and my gf have kuja dosha n shani dosha plz can u say the parihara for our future happy life as we gtng marry.