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You like to make others happy. The December 29 birthday personality generally likes being partnered with someone who is like them. But mostly you find that your relationships are mismatched. These might not be so easily maintained but then you are non-judgmental and have an open mind. If today is your birthday, you can be idealistic but have spiritual ties. Charity or giving back to your community is something you believe everyone should do. We all have something to give even if it is sharing your knowledge. You find satisfaction in being an inspiration for the youth or for a people who think like you.

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You feel special having those who care about you around. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. The December 29 astrology predictions show that you could be interested in astrology or the dark side. Although you meditate, you dream as well.

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You realize that dreams are keys that can give us answers to problems or situations in life. As a Capricorn birthday , you dislike lies and deceitful behavior.

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Additionally, you frown on irrational or childish behavior. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! The December 29 birthday analysis shows that you have a lot of energy. Underneath this enthusiastic person is someone who remains calm in crises.

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The future of person who born on 29 December depends on the friends that they make today. The December 29 horoscope predicts that you make passionate lovers.

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  4. Nonetheless, you can become a green-eyed monster with or without reason. You give all of yourself to the person that you love; sometimes losing yourself in your partner. You have a tendency to be unpredictable and complicated. You are willing to make the compromise to keep your relationships running smoothly.

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    What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! Many of you are affected by your emotional state. Things like depression and stress have a way of appearing to be illnesses on the surface. Normally, you are a happy person so you feel good too. Those born on December 29 would benefit from learning low calorie recipes and working out routinely.

    Test Now! As the December 29th zodiac sign is Capricorn, you are serious-minded. This could be due to a lack of having ample funds but you come back quickly from setbacks.

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    At work, you see to it that you have a strong and harmonious atmosphere. You tend to dislike gossip or anything that would upset the mood of your employees or coworkers. In life, your interest in material gain and respect may trump all other pursuits. While this will only increase your chances of success, it may become detrimental if you fail to acknowledge your emotional needs. In friendships and loving relationships, you are devoted and loyal, but run the risk of being reserved in your affections. Find balance within your ambitions to avoid unhappy moods.

    A Capricorn born on December 29 has the ability to be transformed by spiritual significance, but only after experiencing a profound and transfiguring reality. Often attractive and charming, they have a devastating effect upon those who come under their spell. Unlike most Capricorns, they enjoy taking risks.

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    December 29 Birthday Horoscope.