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In July, a tricky square between Mars and Uranus may pit what you want to do against what you feel you ought to do, with very tense results. The good news is that later in the year this struggle will become easier. With care and imagination, you should be able to find a way forwards with your career which will bring you both enjoyment and a secure financial future. Mid-December is a likely high spot for this, courtesy of a magical Jupiter-Uranus trine. The post-festive period is also significant, as a Solar Eclipse on December 26th activates surprises and changes of heart in your everyday work zone.

Keep moving forwards and make it work! For you, Virgo, will be defined by your learning to both expand your horizons and live within your boundaries.

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Sounds contradictory? Surprisingly not. Expect this process to get underway in late January when a Lunar Eclipse prompts you to examine how you can best be of service to the world. Answers come thick and fast, notably during the Full Moon in your own sign in late February — this is when you will realize how much you have to offer. Rebel planet Uranus takes up residence in your travel and philosophy zone in early March, so itchy feet are sure to be a key feature of spring All this activity is leading towards a brand-new personal project or ambition, which will clarify in late August when there is a New Moon in Virgo — New Moon, New You.

Along the way, watch out for some friction between your family and your in-laws, especially in January, June and September, when difficult squares between Jupiter and Neptune make it hard to tell who is on whose side. Having said that, wonderful family news may arrive in late January, courtesy of a conjunction between loving Venus and expansive Jupiter: perhaps the pitter patter of new human or animal feet is heading your way! The emphasis in is on rekindling the spark in an existing relationship — or finding a brand new and intensely exciting one! A Solar Eclipse in your passion zone in the first week of the year sets the tone.


If an existing relationship is struggling, March could be a make or break time. A New Moon in early March falls in your love zone, which could suggest a new beginning in your relationship…or a clean break. Mercury is retrograde in your love zone during March, so do make sure that you communicate clearly and from the heart.

Any wounds which need healing will feel much soothed once Venus shifts into your love zone at the end of March. The other major shakeup in your love life comes in December, when Jupiter shifts into your dating zone. As gets underway, there are indications of some tension between you and work colleagues, especially if you have felt overlooked or under-valued recently. Try not to take it personally; if you can hang on in there until early March, diplomatic Venus shifts into this zone of your chart and should ease working relationships considerably.

The period from late March to late April is significant for your income, with two consecutive Full Moons in your money zone. This is a rare opportunity for you to get a grip on your finances, sorting out your future security and ensuring that your financial health gets a check-up. This astrological vibe also bodes well for investments and for the first fruits from a new business of any kind.

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Energetic and ambitious Mars arrives in your career zone in late March, so this too contributes plenty of zest and enthusiasm to your money-making efforts. Mars helps to round off the year on a positive note too, when it shifts from your own sign into your finance zone in early October, giving your bank balance another helpful boost. During , your image — and what other people think of you — will be very important to you; perhaps a little too important.

From the very beginning of the year, following a Solar Eclipse in early January, your family may be at loggerheads over a decision you make. Be fair but firm in your family leadership. The northern Winter brings a resolution to the ongoing family-related rumbles — once Jupiter breezes into your family zone in early December, peace will reign. In mid-December, a delightful Jupiter-Uranus trine helps to bring the family together in a big way, healing any past issues and bringing love and laughter in its wake.

A very flirtatious phase in late April comes courtesy of the arrival of Venus in your dating zone. However, this comes against the backdrop of a very volatile Mars-Uranus conjunction in your love zone in February, which could have explosive repercussions. If you play with fire, be prepared to get burnt. Once shock-jock planet Uranus settles into your intimacy zone in early March, too many dangerous liaisons and too much jealousy could prove toxic for a relationship.

If you want to restore peace to an existing relationship, early April is your best shot, with a New Moon occurring in your love zone, enabling a new start if both parties genuinely want it. Any relationship which forms around this time will go through a meaningful phase during mid-October, when the Full Moon in your love zone brings something to fruition. This is something of a challenge, especially once unpredictable Uranus arrives in your secrets zone in early March. Difficult squares between Jupiter and Neptune hint at a communications breakdown at work in January, June and September, and in March especially, with Mercury retrograde in your work zone, you may struggle to get along with your work-mates.

A very promising Full Moon in mid-May occurs in your money zone, however, so financial gain is on the way. If you can stick out the difficult transition period, things will settle down. Watch out for a Solar Eclipse in your career zone in early July — there could be a surprise in store. This may come as a shock at the time, but it will be to your benefit in the long run.

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Luxury-loving Venus shifts into your money zone in early October, helping you to spend any raise almost as fast as it arrives. Fortunately, a New Moon later in October falls in your money zone too, so you should find it easy to increase your income to match your appetites! Once determined Mars arrives in this zone of your chart in mid-November, you will be all set to see out the year with considerable financial success. It all starts with a Solar Eclipse in your learning zone in the first week of the year, which is mirrored by another such eclipse in the last week of — the distance you will travel, mentally, between these two dates is remarkable.

Make every effort to expand your mind and to take up new learning opportunities. Befriend someone who would benefit from your experience and help them to learn their own lessons too. A Full Moon in your own sign in May gives you confidence in how much you have to offer. Another Solar Eclipse, in your philosophy zone in early July, proves to you that your knowledge and wisdom is needed in the world.

Soon afterwards, Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, shifts into your learning zone, reinforcing all that you have learned in and setting the scene for further growth to come. However, rebel planet Uranus also settles into your love zone in early March, bringing more than your fair share of shocks and surprises. With Mercury retrograde in your flirting zone throughout March, it could be that a particular encounter — innocent or not so innocent — is enough to spark chaos within an established relationship. Some of this angst will settle down in May, when a New Moon in your romance zone helps to calm and soothe anxieties and jealousy.

However, a very tough and tempestuous square between Mars and Uranus occurs in July, this will pit your love life against your career in some way. If your working conditions are not conducive to a good work-life balance, expect this to be a major source of tension in Much of the rest of the year is about you learning to handle these conflicts and learning to make choices which prioritize your loved ones instead of your career.

When diplomatic Venus arrives in your sign in early October, stand-offs will soften - and a promising Full Moon in November suggests that the problems can be eased. However, a tumultuous Lunar Eclipse suggests that a shock may be on the way. By the time a dangerously volatile Mars-Uranus conjunction occurs in your work zone in mid-February, you may be backed into a corner.

Tense squares between Jupiter and Neptune occur in January, June and September, highlighting the risks you are taking with either your income or your career; there could be some dramatic decisions made at this time. Fortunately, you are nothing if not resourceful. A fortunate Full Moon in your money zone in mid-June marks the start of a financial come back. A New Moon in early August is the perfect time to take on a new role or to launch a new business.

By the time winter arrives, you should be feeling financially more secure. A New Moon in your money zone in late November highlights your success. More importantly, it suggests that you have forged a new relationship with and understanding of money during Your ruling planet, bountiful Jupiter, is in your own sign for most of the year, only leaving in early December to help bring abundance into your money zone.

With pleasant developments in your love life and interesting times ahead at work, this could well be a red-letter year. A Full Moon in mid-January promises recognition for you, so expect plenty of praise and attention right from the start of the year. At times, however, the year may seem just a little bit too full-on.

Moments in January, June and September could be especially exhausting, when Jupiter squares up to Neptune. In these months, try to make sure that your home is a welcoming place to be. Create your own sacred space and retreat into meditation or a peaceful sanctuary. In July, your beliefs or philosophies may be challenged. You talk a good talk, but are you walking the walk? With Mercury retrograde in your philosophy zone in July, be prepared to take practical steps to back up your inner convictions. Fiery Mars starts the year in your passion zone and Venus arrives in Sagittarius in early January, so there should be plenty of memories to make.

There could be some karmic links at play here, as you encounter someone from your soul group and from a pervious lifetime. Fascinating stuff! Be aware that too much of a good thing can cause its own problems, however. A highly volatile Mars-Uranus conjunction in your passion zone in mid-February suggests a relationship which may get out of hand. Once warrior-planet Mars shifts into your romance zone at the end of March, anger may replace passion for a while.

In early July, a Solar Eclipse occurs in your intimacy zone — something which was previously secret may come to light, much to your shock. However, this sudden blast of honesty is a good thing in the long run, as it means you can stop hiding. Welcome this Eclipse with open arms and open your heart to its lessons. In early December, a Full Moon in your love zone highlights how far your partnership has come this year and helps you to consolidate your love ahead of A Solar Eclipse in your money zone in early January may not be the ideal way to start a new year, but any financial shocks will be short-lived.

Use the New Moon in early February to get yourself back on track, perhaps with a new side hustle or a different approach to upping your income. Also, in early March, rebel planet Uranus arrives in your day to day work zone. This lends an air of unpredictability to your work throughout the rest of the year — expect plenty of changes! Some of these changes will not be much fun, but you will also have the chance to make your own changes and to take back control of your career. In July, a tense square between Mars and Uranus suggest that travel to and from work becomes an issue- or perhaps you will need to move in order to pursue your career.

This is an inconvenience to be sure, but again, behind the disruption you can find opportunities.

2020 Days and Dates

In early December, bountiful Jupiter arrives in your money zone — just in time for the holiday season! You can certainly expect an increase in income around that time, but also a shift in your own attitude towards abundance and finance. The Solar Eclipse in late December focuses on what you have versus what you want versus what you need — and your own philosophy on this is indeed changing. Feeling creative, Capricorn? Good, because is set to be a year when your creative boundaries are pushed further than you ever knew possible.

There is tremendous growth ahead for your creative talents and for your spirituality too, all against a backdrop of steady progression in both your love life and your work. The year begins with a Solar Eclipse in your own sign in early January, prompting you to ask deep questions about who you really are. In late January, a soulful conjunction between Jupiter and Venus brings insight and imagination — expect to take a leap forwards in any creative projects at that time.

Watch out for misunderstandings and miscommunications, however. Three times this year, in January, June and September, Jupiter squares up to nebulous Neptune, and each time you will struggle to get your message across. You may also suffer intrusions into your privacy at these times. Set clear boundaries between yourself and the rest of the world. In early December, expansive Jupiter shifts into your own sign, bringing a huge burst of creativity, warmth, generosity of spirit and optimism.

A stunning trine between Jupiter and Uranus in mid-December highlights another enormous surge of creativity: this is the perfect moment for getting ambitious artistic projects off the ground. By the time a second Solar Eclipse in your sign occurs in the last week of the year, you will have grown significantly. Fast forward a few weeks and rebel planet Uranus also shifts into your fun zone for an extended stay — this is when your youthful, creative, energetic side really takes over and love becomes something of a game.

Be careful, however. Your partner may not love your new, slightly irresponsible attitude towards love. In mid-May there could be fireworks when Mars stirs up tempers in your love zone. In July a potent Mars-Uranus square bring jealousy and risk taking to the fore in your love life, encouraging you to live dangerously but also warning you of the consequences if you do.

A Solar Eclipse in early July in your romance zone could mark a turning point, for better or for worse. It sounds dramatic, but you can lessen the tension considerably throughout the year by keeping your love life open-hearted. Go for complete honesty with your sweetheart and try to avoid anything deceptive. As ever, you are working hard and seeking to improve your lot, and this should get a boost in early February when there is a New Moon in your money zone — make a fresh start in wiping out debts at this point or look to see where an under-used talent of yours could bring in some income.

The period between late March and late April could bring some changes at work. Two consecutive Full Moons in your career zone highlight difficult decisions you must make, or choices which appear to conflict with one another. At the end of March, argumentative Mars shifts into your everyday work zone, possibly increasing tensions among colleagues.

The best period for job hunting, promotion or successful business results is between late September and early October. A New Moon in your career zone could suggest a job change or a switch of direction, while the arrival of Mars in this zone finds you following your ambitions with new enthusiasm. Planetary activity in focuses on your spirituality and the part you play in your community and wider society.

The energies this year are all about deepening your faith and opening your consciousness, starting with a Solar Eclipse in your spiritual zone in early January — another matching Solar Eclipse in the last week of will show you how far you will have traveled on this issue this year. Once Uranus shifts into your family and past zone in early March, you may also start to question your roots and to research your past more thoroughly than you have done so far.

This could be an unsettling experience, but hang on in there, you have so much to gain! Uranus transiting your family zone may also manifest in some shocks and surprises for the home this year — perhaps new arrivals or a change of residence. Reach out into your local community and work with those who need you the most. You may come across as selfish in love this year. In late January, a Venus-Jupiter conjunction in your community zone highlights the love you give to wider society and your friendship links in the wider world.

For a while, these are your sole focus. Venus in your own sign in March highlights this rather distant approach, and when argumentative Mars shifts into your passion zone at the end of March, it could become a source of conflict. Watch out for tensions between your family and your in-laws too, especially in July when a difficult Mars-Uranus square encourages frustration and anger.

The tensions and misunderstandings of the first half of the year do start to fade away following a New Moon in your love zone in early August. Your focus on community projects or philanthropic causes is also reflected in your working life this year. In January, June and September, tricky squares between Jupiter and Neptune highlight how your good intentions could be mis-used by others. Be very careful in your relationships with fellow volunteers or not-for-profit colleagues at these times. You should also take care in March, when Mercury is retrograde in your money zone — this is not a great time to make major financial decisions.

Get expert advice — and listen to it! Mid-May is a more promising time, with a Full Moon in your career zone indicating recognition or progress at work. Finding meaning in your career is especially important to you just now and you may want to spend the summer months thinking about a career switch into a field you find more significant. Further career progress is likely in the fall. A New Moon in your career zone in late October pushes you ever forwards and when ambitious Mars arrives in this zone in late November, you should have both the energy and the desire to make a real difference to the world.

Good for you, Aquarius! A Solar Eclipse in your friendship zone in the first week of the year may be a crisis point or a sudden shock which helps to clarify in your mind what needs to be done. A New Moon in Pisces, also in early March, helps you to put yourself first and to recognise those who are truly on your side. With Mercury retrograde in your sign at this time, you may find it awkward at first to say no to people, but it will quickly become second nature. Spend the year surrounding yourself with those who love you and those who are on the same wavelength as you.

Once Jupiter arrives in your friendship zone in early December, many new faces will come into your orbit and new friendships will bring you great joy. Being stricter with the company you choose will enable your own identity to flourish — and not before time! A Full Moon in your romance zone in late February is an excellent time for a second honeymoon or for making special promises to a loved one. A Solar Eclipse in early July falls in your risk zone, so there could be a shock in store if either you or your sweetheart have been less than honest recently.

Warrior planet Mars is also transiting your passion zone around this time, so jealousy and rivalry could cloud a relationship for a month or two. Keep your head, however, because this is not a life-changing moment unless you want it to be. All things can be healed, if the will is there. The end of August looks likely to be one such healing time in your love life. Within the space of a couple of weeks, Venus and Mars both shift into your love zone and a New Moon occurs there too — this is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. Work and career are some of the busiest astrological zones for you in , so you can expect to see great progress here.

Right from the start of the year, determined Mars is in your money zone, helping to boost your income and grow your wealth. An extremely fortunate Venus-Jupiter conjunction at the end of January falls in your career zone so you may find yourself in the right place at the right time for a very lucky break indeed. Hold your nerve and keep riding this wave. Mid-February brings a volatile Mars-Uranus conjunction in your money zone, so take care with any wheeling and dealing — get expert advice when you need it. Three difficult squares between Jupiter and Neptune occur in January, June and September, which suggest that your financial and career good fortune may cause you to rest on your laurels somewhat this year — maybe becoming a bit lazy or feeling slightly entitled.

Watch out for this and nip it in the bud before it becomes an issue with your attitude. A Full Moon in your money zone in mid-October, coupled with a New Moon in late November, suggests that you will end in a good place both financially and work-wise. Get ready for a shakeup in , Aries. Everything you thought you knew about your long-term goals and your life strategy is up for questioning now, as profound influences challenge your direction and your goals. The year gets underway with a Lunar Eclipse in your roots zone early in January, warning that your stable foundations are about to shift.

Late February through May give you a chance to marshal your forces and to get to work in earnest. Mars journeys through your ambitions zone and your social zone, so you should find it easy to rally others to your cause and to get to know the right people for where you want to head. Venus trips through your image and money zones during this time, Aries, so put your game face on — not that you ever leave it off — and gather both the support and the resources you will need for the rest of the year.

Through July, the Sun opposes a loose conjunction between Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, and this powerful energy may force you to make sacrifices in either your career or your family life to keep the wheels turning. The last few months of are the most promising for your love life, Aries, with Venus transiting your dating zone in September and your relationship zone in October and November. Aries, yours is an impatient astrological sign but slow it down a little. As Jupiter shifts into your community zone in December, it forms a powerful conjunction with Saturn, asking you to seek your calling in society.

You may face a struggle throughout to keep your love life safe from the storms that might wash through your career and working life. Keeping your cool will help things to settle down much faster. Opposites may attract at this time! Watch your words in the early months of the year, Aries, especially once Venus turns Retrograde in your communication zone just before mid-May. You may find it difficult to make yourself understood, so try to be honest, open and direct with your lover in order to avoid misunderstandings.

This will be important starting at the end of June too, when your ruling planet Mars moves into Aries and increases your aggression. What you think is assertiveness may come across much harsher to those you love. Fortunately, Venus shifts into your fun zone in September and the pressure eases a little.

During November, Venus transits your intimacy zone, but work concerns are once again taking up your time. Now there are difficult squares between Venus and Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto which could suggest power struggles in your love life, so try to ensure that you do set aside some couple time as the year starts to wind down. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in late December could be seen as a karmic and spiritual moment for your relationship, Aries. This occurs in your community zone, so it may be wise to spend some more time late in the year socializing with your sweetheart and working together on a charity or community project that has captured your hearts and your attention.

Expect the first phase of this energy to play out across the early months of , particularly once Mars, your ruling planet, shifts into your career zone in February. In late March, Mars makes a series of conjunctions to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in your career zone, suggesting that this is a key time for you, Aries. In July, a backdrop of the Sun in opposition to the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto trio makes life difficult for your work-life balance, again.

Things are still tense in August too, as Mars squares up against Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in turn, in Aries: This is where you may feel the effects of this energy very personally. Hold your fire. Get expert advice when handling large sums of money or potential legal matters. A major Saturn-Pluto conjunction occurs in your philosophy zone on January 12, but this influence will remain in play for much of the year, challenging you to move beyond the truths you currently hold and into uncharted territory. You most certainly are, but your intellectual confidence may be fragile. Education or training could become key at work too, during the first half of Astrology shows that spiritual challenges are likely to develop during April and May, when both Pluto and Jupiter turn Retrograde in your philosophy zone, leaving you with far more questions than answers.

This is a good time to develop meditation skills, or to focus on a prayerful practice of some kind. Fortunately, the second half of the year is much brighter, and you should feel your confidence return from August onward. In September, Saturn and Jupiter end their Retrograde motion and you should feel able to move forward in education, training and your career.

The major Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in December provides a very positive boost for your working life, Taurus, giving you the chance to solidify and consolidate career progress toward a personally meaningful goal. With Mars transiting your intimacy zone, there should be plenty of memorable moments early in the year — but watch out for jealousy there too; Taurus can be a very possessive zodiac sign.

This might be a good time to look into joint regression therapy or perhaps some other means of exploring your past life links to one another. Watch out for the Lunar Eclipse in your intimacy zone in early June. This could prompt a mini crisis, especially if your relationship has become tired or jaded.

Venus transits your family zone in September, so this would be a good month to express togetherness within the family — or even to welcome a new family member! These are all good reasons to abandon caution in October and look for adventure! The end of looks set to have some lovely romantic influences for you too, Taurus. During November and December, Venus transits your love zone, so this is the perfect time for a romantic break, a wedding or for renewing a long-term commitment. In mid-December, another Eclipse rocks your intimacy zone — a Solar Eclipse.

The December eclipse is a reminder to keep on keeping on — and the arrival of Venus into your passion zone the following day will certainly help! To begin with, Saturn moves into your career zone in March, and then in late December Jupiter joins Saturn there. Early in , the focus seems to be on increasing your income. With more work and greater responsibility comes a higher reward, of course, and April sees luxury-loving Venus shifting into your money zone. Venus attracts extra income but spends it too! May could be a tricky month, with both Venus and Saturn turning Retrograde, in your money and career zones.

Tighten your belt and hold your nerve. Use that financial caution that Taurus is famous for. This could be a temporary setback, so stay calm and just keep working your way through. A Lunar Eclipse in your resources zone in June could indicate that you have to suddenly repay a debt, or that you lose a client, or lose financial support in some way; again, this could lead to some difficult moments later in the year but keep the faith.

In late September, Saturn ends its Retrograde period and you can start to breathe easy again. Bountiful Jupiter makes the move into your career zone later in the month, and this should open up the gateway to abundance. An extremely fortuitous Jupiter-Saturn conjunction also occurs in your career zone, so the astrology suggests that your hard work blends with a stroke of luck to manifest a fantastic opportunity for The rare and powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunction falls in one of the most mysterious and complex zones of your chart, and this conjunction faces a series of challenges from other planets throughout the year.

Trust in yourself, trust in the eventual outcome, and trust in those you love.

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Moments of astrological drama or crisis may force you to act differently than how you imagined you would, and you may resent letting yourself down. Here, forgiveness is key. The year begins with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction settling into place in January, along with a Lunar Eclipse in your values zone and warrior planet Mars transiting your relationship zone.

A rocky beginning indeed, perhaps with plenty of angry outbursts. With Mars putting you on war footing in February, Venus shifting into your privacy zone in March and Pluto turning Retrograde in your mysteries zone in April, this period is likely to be a heated and a somewhat tense time. Gemini needs downtime, now more than ever. May continues this theme a bit, with Venus turning Retrograde in your own sign, damping down your natural sunniness, and Jupiter turning Retrograde in your mysteries zone, adding yet more intrigue and drama to the background undercurrent.

June could be make-or-break time for a loving relationship, Gemini, which is challenged by two eclipses: A Solar Eclipse in your values zone and a Lunar Eclipse in your love zone. A tense July sees something of a stand-off in your personal life, as the Sun opposes the loose Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction, bringing your values and your love life into conflict once again, backed by another Lunar Eclipse. Hang in there, Gemini. From August onward, the tension will ease as sunny Venus slips into your values zone and spreads some calming, soothing balm.

Astrology shows that communication gets a lot easier in September, and in October Venus lends her light to your family zone, surrounding you with comfort and love. Your relationships are in the spotlight again in December, with a Solar Eclipse in your love zone. Once Jupiter shifts into your adventure zone in late December, a breath of fresh air enters your life. The rather wonderful Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in your adventure zone as the year ends suggests that new horizons are just around the corner for you. The mysteries zone of your birth chart, where the important Jupiter-Pluto conjunction reigns all year, is also associated with sex, intimacy and passion, so Gemini, your love life in looks set to see some drama.

Indeed, you may start the year on an argumentative note, as Mars transits your love zone. A lack of patience with your sweetheart is likely to lead to heated arguments and misunderstandings in January, but once Mars shifts into your intimacy zone in February, intense jealousy could become a problem too. Relationships at this time could easily swing from one extreme to another, or you may find yourself in an intoxicating — but ultimately toxic — situation. In March, Venus makes a series of trines to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto which highlight the mysterious and somewhat otherworldly nature of your relationships.

Expect to feel a psychic connection to your partner, or perhaps to uncover hidden information about them, which will set your Gemini curiosity on fire. This is neither good nor bad in itself; how you react to it will be key. Pluto turns Retrograde in your intimacy zone in April, but Venus arrives in your own zodiac sign.

When Venus also turns Retrograde in May, you may struggle to maintain your composure or be easily upset. Indeed, the Lunar Eclipse in your love zone in June could be a healing event; it does not necessarily suggest the beginning of a problem. There is likely to be undeniable tension in your relationship through July, however. Astrology suggests that this is because the Sun forms a series of oppositions to the loose Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto linkup, pitting your own deeply-held values against your love life.

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It may also improve or help to continue their quality of life and is used to energise and revitalise older animals as well as soothe and calm highly-strung, hyperactive or stressed animals. If you would like a consultation with Sam at this event, please bring along either the animal itself or a few photographs of them and yes, these can be on your mobile phone.

Marek has had a lifelong interest in health and self-development. Marek studied Sukshma Marma with Dr. Ernst Schrott, who revived this ancient technique, and later translated Dr. Coming from the timeless knowledge of Ayurveda, Sukshma Marma combines gentle touch, aromatherapy oils and profound inner experience to bring about a wide range of health benefits. Robin is a consultant Master Palmist. She offers you empathic and sound advice especially when dealing with Love and Relationship issues. She works with Angels, her Guides and your loved ones in Spirit to give inspiration and clarity for the future.

Jenny comes from the heart and always strives to offer you a Reading that is full of love, hope and joy. Silvergems offers a wonderful range of unique one-off pieces of handmade silver jewellery making the perfect gift for a loved one or why not just treat yourself to a beautiful pendant or a pair of stunning earrings. Choose from a range of various crystals and gemstones including Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Turquoise and more. You will also find Shell and Pearl jewellery, a selection of natural and polished crystals and Rock Salt products from around the world all known for their healing energies.

Samantha is a very down to earth and approachable person. She was very blessed that Spirit first manifested and presented themselves to her around the age of 8 years old. She still remembers that day very vividly but never in her wildest dreams could she have guessed what it would lead to all these years later!

SCORPIO Year of the RAT Yang-Metal Jan 2020 – Feb 2021 Horoscope Astrology Predictions

Her grandmother and mother were also very much in tune with the higher realms and her mother often gave messages to friends and random people when they were out and about. This fascinated her and she wished she had the same abilities. In Samantha joined a development circle and by December of that year she was asked to do her first solo platform demonstration of mediumship. Since that day she has never looked back. Most of all she loves being able to help others. Sam enjoys taking part in many other spiritual activities which include giving one-to-one or group readings, demonstrating and sharing her gifts at psychic suppers, spiritual churches and charity events.

Given the opportunity Sam would like to do more with paranormal investigations and, if the opportunity arises, would like to get involved with physical mediumship. Ever since he can remember Lee has always had an interest in mediumship and the afterlife. He grew up watching both John Edwards and Colin Fry and was always thinking how did they do what they did and was it even real?

He always believed that to be a medium you had to have seen spirit from a young age or at least have shown some psychic ability — neither of which had happened and, as a result, always thought of mediumship as nothing more than an interest. This, he truly believes, was his Grandad opening up a new pathway for him as he could now truly see his potential from the other side.

Since then he has not looked back on his spiritual journey and has done a number of one to one readings as well as platform work around Eastbourne. Jap Sen is similar to traditional Thai massage but is more powerful and has a greater therapeutic effect. Jap Sen massage improves joint function and mobility by restructuring muscles, tendons and bones. TikTok will be available for Back, Neck and Shoulder massage to help relieve stress and strain in these areas and will also be offering a Thai Foot massage to help ease the aches and pains in your feet.

TikTok will also have available for purchase a selection of beautiful hand-carved soaps which she makes herself. Roundwood Rings was born out of my passion for raw, organic material: wood, natural gemstones and crystals. Each one of a kind piece is completely unique, lovingly hand crafted and made only with elements of nature, allowing the recipient to feel grounded and at one with the natural energy of the earth.

We are happy to make bespoke orders. Are you ready for Your Next Level? The application of this profound Art is by the light touch of hands on the body over clothes on specific areas of energetic influence, clearing the flow of life energy along the pathways that feed life into all of our cells, and restoring the energy flow in harmony with the rhythm of the universe — a dynamic way to help our own profound healing capacity. With her kind and compassionate nature, Elizabeth loves helping people of all ages who are seeking relief from a wide range of ill-health and disharmonies.

She finds that relaxing Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment sessions bring calm and peace so that the body, mind, emotions and spirit can begin their gentle healing process and gradually the individual begins to rediscover their energy and inner sense of their true self. Elizabeth also gives Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help advice for those who like to be actively responsible for helping or maintaining their own health, well-being and happiness.

Bill is originally from Scotland but now lives and works here in East Sussex. He is a friendly outgoing person who works with a high vibration of fun, love and light. He noticed during this game that he felt a burning sensation on his arm. He was unable to develop his gift further at that time as he joined the Royal Navy and spend quite a few years serving around the world.

He came back to Sussex in and got a job as a private chauffeur and this included driving Tony Stockwell and the late Colin Fry around. It was during this time that he was inspired to develop his ability through sitting in Circle. As a child she had always thought she had seen things fleeting past her at a speed too quickly for her to comprehend. Sometimes she would see things just out of reach in the corner of her eye, so that when she turned to look it was always too late to get more than a glimpse of it. She just put it down to her imagination playing tricks on her.

As an adult her intuition went into overdrive when thoughts and ideas would come to her, thoughts that she felt were not her own. She had always been in awe of mediums as to how they knew things and could see things when she attended Spiritualist Churches. Whilst living back in Wales she actually saw a Victorian girl in front of her in the lounge one day, which freaked her out. She asked a local medium to come round to see if he could sense anything. He told her he could see her and described the girl to her exactly as she had seen her.

He also told her she would be seeing more and more — she was totally shocked!! Now 12 years on, and after the many readings she has given to loved ones, she feels privileged to be able to be the loving link between them. Her messages, she feels, give comfort, hope and strength to those left behind. She also gives guided meditation, either one to one or in groups. These have always been a great success and have always been a talking point long after the event. Anne is friendly and compassionate with a huge amount of love for those around her and everyone she meets.

She has been aware of Spirit from a very early age with it mostly being in the background of her life, until later years. She has been giving messages for over 12 years but it was only when her Husband passed that it came to the forefront and she has now been giving public demonstrations of mediumship for over 8 years. She brings messages from loved ones through using all of her mediumistic and psychic senses giving evidence of life after death which, in turn, can bring peace and healing to those who are receiving the messages.

Sharon has had 45 years as a spiritual consultant. Her first experience with the spirit world was at eight years old. She had a sense that there were presences all around her. A female figure approached her and told her that she was surrounded by spirits. She thought this lady was her mother, but when she asked if it had been her, the woman had said it was not. At age seventeen, she developed a keener interest in spirit.

She felt that spirituality was instinctive to her and spoke to her soul. When she was 19, she bought her first pack of tarot cards and taught herself to read them. She started attending spiritualist churches and meetings and felt inspired by mediums there. She started doing readings herself and this led to her to start mediumship professionally. She specialises in Clairvoyance and Mediumship. She has been able to help people through times of stress; where they have felt frightened and has been able to provide a sense of peace. She has also worked with people suffering from terminal illnesses and provided healing that gave noticeable relief from pain.

She has provided accurate messages from loved ones who have passed over. Her ambition is to further her spiritual experience, and use her gifts to positively influence the lives of others. Her practice is positive-focused; she provides readings that will reassure, comfort, and uplift. He never felt alone and often felt people watching over him and when playing with his toys. If anyone was watching him — it was obvious that he was literally playing to an audience. James has been working as a professional medium for over 7 years and is very adept in Mediumship, Clairvoyance, Tarot Card Reading and Spiritual Healing.

As James continues to develop his skills in connecting with spirit, he would like to share his knowledge with others and one of his personal goals is to become a Psychic Surgeon. Cold and flu symptoms, allergies, hormonal balance, enhance emotional well-being, digestive issues, reduce pain, manage anxiety and stress, help skin conditions, weight management and healthy detox and cleanse…..

My name is Sabine and I am an essential oils educator, I work with EFT and aromatouch massage and am training to be a health coach. I found these amazing oils during a journey of ill health and they are so much a part of my daily life, I would not want to be without them. Looking forward to sharing my passion with you! Robin is a Reiki and crystal-healing practitioner as well as an artist. She combines her love of crystals with art by making crystal hanging decorations, runes, necklaces and dream catchers. She also makes small bundles of zodiac crystals, crystals for emotional healing and for the chakras.

All of her crystals are cleansed and charged with Reiki energy. Leoni is a mother of three originally from the West Midlands and has been living in Eastbourne for nearly two years. She has been a Rahanni practitioner since Rahanni is a healing energy channelled directly from Archangels.

It opens the heart to love, truth and compassion, releasing negativity and fear. She frequently calls upon the Angels for all kinds of help and they have never let her down. A lot of her clients have said they not only feel emotionally better after a treatment but they have also felt relieved of physical pain. Sarah runs mandala workshops, offers one-to-one mandala sessions and counselling to support your self-development journey.

You can accessorise your journey with her intuitive mandala art products, which are available as framed prints, art cards and pendants; these are resonant with universal energy and can be wonderful meditation tools. Sarah is a qualified and experienced therapist, artist and facilitator based in Sussex. Next event is on Saturday, 12 th October Tickets are available on the Ticket Booking page. Click on a picture to read more about the exhibitor. Share this:. Helen Raggett. Clare Estelle. Jules Bridges.

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