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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Jupiter is Tzedek in Hebrew, indicating its beneficent nature, and 27 Sagittarius, the astronomical galactic center, is symbolic of being smack dab in the middle of things — the eye of the storm or the center of the galaxy. The full Moon of the month of Sivan promises an outpouring of shefa Divine influence and bracha blessing , may we see it speedily and in our day!

Publicly played-out power struggles and dramatic emotional displays are possible as existing structures are challenged by newcomers perhaps some of those being women , and aggression defensive or offensive in nature is triggered by emotional responses to perceived threats, both internal and external. In plain English: setbacks and impediments in the material world and the financial markets. Reverses in inflation deflation? Obstacles and difficulties in the communications infrastructure may lead to a security breach.

This could be anything from confusion, new rules or revisions to old rules regarding foreign ownership of real estate and property. This Mercury retrograde echoes some of the previous themes, i.

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The retrograde period itself is an opportunity to review and rewind, polish and perfect. The final Mercury Retrograde of occurs from November in the sign of Scorpio. All three Mercury retrogrades discussed are mostly in water signs Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. Water is emotion, and Mercury retrograde in a water sign is a recipe for mixed signals, messed up communications, and murky misconceptions. The modern State of Israel which, to my knowledge, does not regularly consult a Jewish astrologer, although she should might keep in mind that preconceived notions make powerful potions for stirring up strife.

Offense is taken, not given. We need not stoop to conquer! The writer authors a monthly Jewish astrology column for J.

She is a graduate of the Richard S. Follow Astrolojew on Facebook and Twitter, visit astrolojew. Jerusalem Post Israel News. Share on facebook Share on twitter.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Related Content. October 8, Fire breaks out in small Arab village, arson suspected: Palestinian report. Yom Kippur candle-lighting times for Israel and U. Israel nabs 69 ancient Greek coins being smuggled from Gaza to Israel. Jerusalem to open new camping site in the Peace Forest.

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